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WSM offers our customers a dedicated parts and service team.  WSM's team of experts have years of experience to assist with replacement parts and service requests for our past and current builds.

We understand that our customers have made a significant investment in our equipment and want to get the maximum productivity and operating life. WSM's Parts & Service group has in-depth knowledge of the product, the service needs, and replacement parts to help our customers accomplish that.

The group is 100% focused on parts & service – they have no responsibility for new equipment sales. Whether you need a manual for your equipment, replacement parts, or help troubleshooting an issue, our team is ready to help.

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Changing WSM's Replaceable Hammer Tips


Routine inspections and rotations of your hammer tips can save you money by keeping excessive wear off of the hammer bodies. Learn how to change your hammer tips with our new YouTube Video.

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“We consistently hear from our customers how important a quick response for parts and service is to them,” said Mark Lyman, President of West Salem Machinery, “We want to ensure that our commitment to providing that is well understood by the industry.”

From Top Left: Justin McMinds, Bob Stockdall, Darren Butcher, Steve Hermanns, Carsten Becker
From Top Left: Justin McMinds, Bob Stockdall, Darren Butcher, Steve Hermanns, Carsten Becker

Our Team is Ready to Help

With over 40 years of combined experience at WSM, our Parts & Service Team is ready to help. You can rely on their experience to help you maintain your equipment to ensure it is running at peak performance and maximizing the return on your investment.

Contact One of Our Team Members:

Carsten Becker, Parts & Service Manager: [email protected]

Darren Butcher, Part Sales: [email protected]
Steve Hermanns, Part Sales: [email protected]

Bob Stockdall, Service Technician: [email protected]
Justin McMinds, Service Technician: [email protected]

General Parts Information, RFQs, etc: [email protected]

(503) 364-2213 | [email protected]   

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