High Volume, Automated Bale Processing

Wood Waste Custom Grinder


Wood Waste Custom Grinder

WSM’s Automated Bale Processing System Delivers Process Ready Feedstock

WSM’s Bale Processing System is automated, high-volume processing of baled ag-residuals, energy crops, and biomass products. WSM's system delivers the bale handling and fiber processing capacities that are needed for large scale bio-fuel, bio-refining, bio-power, and animal feed operations. A single line can process 40-60 bales per hour.

west salem bale processing system

Integrated Processing Modules

The five modules can be configured to fit plant requirements:

  • Bulk Bale Receiving, Singulating, & Inspection/Rejection
  • Automatic Bale Destringer
  • Bale Chopper for primary size reduction
  • Screening & Cleaning for dirt removal
  • Shredding & Milling for final fiber preparation


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Proven Bale Processing

WSM's Bale Processing Systems are field proven to deliver high capacity production of process ready feedstock for many conversion technologies. Modules available to inspect and reject bales to protect downstream while reducing maintenance and power consumption helping you maximize effieciences of your operation.

Low Volume or High Volume Options

A single line system can process 40-60 bales per hour. Multiple lines are installed by large scale processors. WSM's flexible design is a huge advantage by delivering the right configuration to provide the right solution for any capacity requirement.

Factory Service & Support

Providing the innovative technology plus service and support you need to help ensure a successful installation. WSM's decades of experience is available to you. We can provide product test, system engineering and project management, mill-duty machinery, in-field service, training, and support.

Materials Processed

Whatever baled material your plant needs to proces, we can configure the solution.

  • Alfalfa
  • Arundo Donax
  • Corn Stover
  • Bagasse
  • Energy Crops
  • Flax
  • Giant King Grass
  • Grass Straw
  • Hemp
  • Miscanthus
  • Sorghum
  • Soy Stover
  • Switchgrass
  • Wheat Straw