Pallets and Industrial Packaging


Pallets and Industrial Packaging


Easily and reliably convert scrap pallets and industrial packaging into marketable wood fiber with WSM's industry proven, low maintenance pallet grinders.

Industry Specific information

Materials Processed

Materials processed include scrap pallets, deck boards, stringers, short blocks, trim ends, edgings, panel scrap, plywood, and other industrial packaging waste. 

Nails and repair plates are no problem for WSM pallet grinders. Optional metal removal is highly effective and helps to maximize finished fiber value.

Equipment Used

Equipment used depends on the type and amount of material to be processed.

WSM's Horizontal Grinders deliver high volume, singe pass reduction as part of a fully engineered system providing metered feed of material into the grinding chamber for reduced horsepower requirements and allowing for smoother, safer operation. 

Hopper Fed, Low RPM Grinders with slow speed cutting action provide low noise, low dust, and low horsepower operation for lower volume processing.  Easy installation and low maintenance for lower operating costs.

Industry Challenges

As more states enact laws requiring solid waste to be source reduced, recycled, or composted, more companies are enacting Zero Waste policies. Evidence of that includes the dumping and disposing costs of pallets that have become more and more expensive. Depending on where you are in the country, the price has risen 3-4X in the last three years. WSM's high speed, high volume grinders, and low speed, lower volume grinders can help facilities meet the Zero Waste goal and turn an ever-increasing expense into a marketable fiber. 

The abrasive nature of pallets and industrial packaging demands rugged, reliable equipment designed and built for these unique requirements. WSM has the most complete range of grinder styles that are just that. These grinders are the easiest to maintain and are constructed with the largest components for long-term, reliable operation. From stand-alone Low RPM Grinders to complete Titan Horizontal Grinding Systems - we can match the right grinder for your facility. 

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WSM Solution

Convert large volumes of expensive wood waste into a marketable wood fiber with these heavy duties, high volume pallet grinding systems featuring WSM's Horizontal Grinders.  Delivering a finished wood fiber product in a single pass by including WSM's screening, conveying, and metal separation machinery. This complete, fully engineered processing system delivers lower maintenance operation and the most rugged construction available.

For lower volume applications, WSM offers Hopper Fed, Low RPM Grinders, specifically designed for industrial packaging and pallet recycling applications. Providing low noise and low horsepower operation, easy installation, and low maintenance, further reducing operating costs.

Maximize processing for existing plant flow with numerous customized infeed and discharge options. Optional metal removal and screening are also available.  WSM's grinders provide low maintenance and field-proven performance for producing end-products including landscape material, animal bedding, boiler fuel, and mulch. 

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Let us help you find the right machine for your application. Submit this form to our applications experts for fast, no obligation answers to your questions.



Discover the WSM Difference

If you require a reliable and affordable solution for converting scrap pallets and industrial packaging into profitable wood fiber, WSM’s line of low maintenance pallet grinders can offer the solution you’ve been looking for.

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