West Salem Machinery Organic Processing System rendering


West Salem Machinery Organic Processing System rendering

A Better Way to Process High Volumes of Compost -

Put WSM's stationary, electric organics processing systems to work for you with our compost grinders, screens  and compete systems.

Industry Specific information

  • Lower your "per ton" processing cost with stationary, electric equipment - more reliable, less maintenance, and lower operating costs than maintenance prone portable equipment

  • Convert green waste, food waste, and mixed organics into high quality feedstock for compost and AD conversion

  • Streamline your organics processing with complete systems

  • Feeding, Screening, Cleaning, Sorting, and compost Grinding

Materials Processed

Compost can be converted from many feedstocks including green waste, food waste, mixed organics, and manures.

Count on WSM's field-proven grinders, screens, and a complete line of processing equipment to convert these materials into feedstock for composting systems. Our experience in processing a wide range of materials in the variety of industries we serve gives us a unique perspective and insight into the tendencies of certain materials. We can anticipate possible challenges and incorporate solutions in the initial phase of the project.

Equipment Used

Learn what some of the largest compost producers in the world know. Our complete line of equipment and ability to select the best machine for a particualr application help ensure a successful installation.

WSM offers Chain Metering Bins/Bulk Feeders, Horizontal Hogs/Grinders, Vertical Hogs/Grinders, Shredders including our massive Super Shredder, Hammermills, Disc Scalping Screens, Oscillating Screens, Trommel Screens, and Vibrating Screens/Conveyors. Our dedicated engineering staff can configure a complete processing system.

Compost & Food Waste Industry Challenges

Increased state and federal legislation is requiring more organic waste to be diverted from landfills and at the same time ensuring that only safe and environmentally beneficial compost be marketed.  Converting material including green waste, food waste, manures, and mixed organics into high-quality feedstock for compost is a vital step in the process.  This requires field-proven equipment like Compost grinders and screens that can hold up to some of the harshest materials in mass volumes using our industrial compost grinders.

Size reduction of food scraps and some other material, as well as the screening of incoming and outgoing material for quality purposes, is required with most composting systems. Many conversion systems require the addition of a bulking agent/carbon source (BA/CS) to recovered food. WSM's focused approach to all of this starts with understanding the characteristics of each material. All of our food waste recycling machines process differently and the expertise to know the best equipment to get the job done is part of the key to a successful system. Our ability to configure the correct components or engineer a complete processing system can help streamline your new or existing operation.

West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders
West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders
West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders
West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders

WSM Solution

With WSM's 70+ years of experience in grinding and screening, we've been adapting and developing equipment with some of the largest composting companies in the world since the early 2000s. We've been working directly with our customers to ensure they have the most robust and versatile machines on the market. WSM's unique ability to supply individual components or complete, fully integrated systems means you can be confident that you're getting what you need for your operation.

WSM's Complete Organics Processing System typically starts with batch feeding of incoming pre-shredded waste into WSM's Chain Metering Bin, which meters feed material to the Severe-Duty Titan Trommel Screen. Our Light Fraction Separator removes plastics and light fractions before and/or after WSM's Vertical or Horizontal Grinder.  WSM can supply all conveyors, support structures, maintenance platforms, walkways and stairs, and picking stations. Optional project management supports your project and coordinates with your site engineer. 


West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders
West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders
West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders

Discover the WSM Difference

If you’ve been looking for a better, more consistent way of converting food waste, green waste, and mixed organics into high-quality feedstock and compost, WSM feeding, screening, and grinding solutions have you covered.

Find Your Machine

WSM Organic Processing: High capacity grinders, screens, and systems downloadable PDF flyer

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Whether you are in the Biomass / Recycling / Green Waste / Wood / Agricultural or other processing industry, West Salem provides the type of innovation our customer’s thrive on.


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