WSM Grinders Increase Raw Biomass Material Yields

Operators can attain maximum yields from the bioenergy process with the help of our bioenergy solutions, processing and handling technology, and industry knowledge.

Fuel made from organic matter, such as the vast array of dry bulk materials known as “biomass,” is known as bioenergy. Wood and wood-based products, such as logs, wood chips, waste wood residues, bark and hogged fuel, and sawdust, account for a sizeable amount of the world’s bioenergy. Bioenergy can be produced by any organic substance, including waste and byproducts from the food, agriculture, and animal industries. From all of these raw biomass components, WSM Grinders can maximize yields..

Biomass raw materials are regularly run through processing equipment and preparation systems in order to guarantee that the fibers are in the best possible state for use in subsequent processes. They may be used expressly for the production of bioenergy or in other sectors that rely on fiber, such as the production of panelboards, pulp and paper, and packaging.

Using a variety of feedstocks, WSM grinding, screening, cleaning, and milling equipment makes it possible to produce high-quality biomass fuel and other important finished fiber products. This includes biomass materials that are extremely challenging to process, including stumps and root balls, demonstrating the ability of WSM Grinders to maximize yields from a variety of raw biomass sources.

This difficult wood residues need special gear to be converted into biomass feedstock. These extremely thick wood products may be processed effectively and turned into useful biomass, including big diameter stumps, round timber, and branches using our WSM heavy-duty Titan horizontal grinding system,

We provide biomass processing and handling technology and bioenergy solutions that can be tailored to each facility’s specific needs at every stage of the bioenergy chain. Our machines are known for their dependability and efficiency across the world. They provide maximum production capabilities and profitability, decrease operating and maintenance expenses, and reduce fiber losses. 

Our unique WSM grinders optimize raw biomass material output. They provide very effective biomass processing and are easy to use. Innovative design elements in WSM milling equipment provide dependable operation and high volume production at lower labor, maintenance, and operating expenses. 

WSM Grinder & Hog

WSM fiber preparation systems, like all of our technologies, have a track record of dependability in use. Globally, the most demanding applications can be traced back to hundreds of long-term deployments. Large diameter stumps, round wood, and branches are not the only materials that can be turned into biomass feedstock using WSM milling, grinding, and wood-processing technology. Other materials that can be turned into biomass include storm debris, land clearing, woody biomass, sawmill residuals, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, forest residuals, used wood, and other wood residues.

Equipment for processing waste wood residue is essential to the manufacturing and conversion of biofuels. Our wood-processing system is specifically made to tackle the difficulties of effectively managing waste biomass products, such as storm debris, forest slash heaps, and waste wood from construction and demolition.

For instance, the WSM Grinder is equipped with an extra-large rotating feedroll and an incredibly strong, heavy-duty chain infeed conveyor, making it capable of handling very massive waste wood, like tree stumps.

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