West Salem Custom Grinders & Hogs


West Salem Custom Grinders & Hogs

Recycle urban wood waste like construction and demolition wood waste, pallets, and land clearing to produce marketable fiber including biomass feed stock, landscape mulch, and compost

  • Turn Waste to Profit–reduce disposal costs and generate income

  • Improve Operating Costs with reduced downtime and maintenance costs

  • Get WSM’s unique features to help prevent catastrophic damage from large tramp metal

Materials Processed & Marketable Fiber

- Recycle construction and demolition wood, lumber, trim, pallets and crates, branches, stumps, and land clearing debris

- Produce marketable fiber including animal bedding, biomass feedstock, boiler fuel, compost bulking agent, landscape mulch, engineered wood furnish, and soil conditioner

Equipment Used

- Size reduction equipment includes Horizontal Hogs/Grinders, Vertical Hogs/Grinders, Shredders, Hammermills, No-Knife Re-Sizers, Low-Speed and Mid-Speed Grinders

- Screening equipment includes Disc Scalping Screens,Oscillating Screens, Trommel Screens, and Vibrating Screens/Conveyors

- Chain Metering Bins/Bulk Feeders, contaminants and metal removal, picking stations, transfer conveyors, support structures, and maintenance access platforms can be combined for a complete, integrated system for single source responsibility.

Case Study - Greenway Recycling

  • At Portland, Oregon based Greenway Recycling, developing personal relationships is the key to building a lasting partnership. “I really enjoy the idea that there could be a personal relationship, so I know who to call.” says co-founder Terrell Garrett. As a customer of West Salem Machinery for over 12 years, Garrett knows that when his business needs help, WSM will be ready to answer the call. 

  • When large tramp metal caused catastrophic damage to Greenway’s WSM 4864 horizontal grinder, the business faced a serious hurdle getting production back up and running. “We hit a track pin off a 450 excavator and it did a huge amount of damage to the machine. It was midsummer, our busiest time of year. So we called West Salem for help.”

  • “West Salem dropped a bunch of other work to supply us with parts, replaced what the machine needed, and put the grinder back together for us.”

  • Garrett knew that repairing his grinder was only a temporary solution. “We sat down with West Salem and said ‘This is going to happen again’. We have a huge tramp metal problem.” Greenway needed a more permanent solution.

  • West Salem developed a new hammer system for Greenway’s grinder to hopefully prevent serious damage when metal entered the grinder in the future. Greenway tested the system and reported results to West Salem.

  • The new hammer system provided lasting results. The improved durability and production of WSM’s new system not only successfully eliminated costly downtime, the machine improved Greenway’s profitability. “Before I bought the grinder, my damage parts bill was averaging $57,000 a year. Now we’re about down to $10,000.”

west salem custom machinery

Urban Wood to Animal Bedding

  • A typical system starts with a Chain Metering Bin to deliver waste wood to a Disc Screen, with “overs” going to a Primary Grinder which reduces material down to an approx. 1 ½” minus
  • First stage metal removal is achieved with a cross belt magnet in conjunction with magnetic head drum on a belt discharge conveyor or metal detector, with automatic dump to ground
  • Secondary processing through a WSM Super Shredder with air assist or full air discharge produces finished fiber
  • The final stage is screening for final product sizing based on finished product specifications. This is commonly done with either an Oscillating Screen or Vibrating Screen for precise classification


Wood Waste Custom Grinder
Wood Waste Custom Grinder

Additional Info

If you are ready to recycle urban wood waste materials into marketable fiber, including biomass feedstock and animal bedding, find out how WSM’s line of grinding and screening equipment can help your facility achieve your recycling goals.


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