West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders


West Salem Custom Vertical Grinders & Shredders

High-Capacity Grinding, Screening, & Integrated Processing Islands

  • WSM makes pellet processing dependable, less labor intensive, and more profitable.
  • Our rugged and reliable equipment converts biomass materials into consistent fiber size and geometry for high volume pelleting
  • Years of field experience have gone into the features that will make your operation more reliable and able to handle a wide range of incoming feedstocks
  • Helping to meet the growing demand for stable green energy sources, some of the largest pellet producers count on WSM
  • Mill-duty construction delivers continuous 24/7 production of premium quality feedstock in the most demanding, high-volume environments


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Green & Dry Milling Islands

  • WSM provides components or entire Green and Dry Milling Islands for high-capacity production
  • Complete high-capacity Milling Islands combine grinding, milling, and screening machinery
  • WSM also supplies metering feeders and screening/cleaning centers
  • All components are built with the same mill-duty specifications to operate with 24/7 reliability and durability


Green Milling

-WSM Super Shredders are massive machines for the largest capacity requirements.

-The Super Shredder delivers high tip speed for small, consistent fiber sizing, increased screen area for more through-put, and comes with flexible and interchangeable tooling.

-Customize your control features with available automation and controls including motor starters/controls, auto reversing, and load sensing feed controls.

Dry Milling

-WSM 4400 Series Hammermills are high-speed, high-volume mills with high tip speed for high-capacity milling to a small particle size

-Featuring a large diameter hammer circle and throat widths from 20” to 60”, these rugged mills have near full circle sizing screens to maximize production and deliver a consistent end product

-Heavy duty fabricated steel housing with 3/8” thick frame and doors deliver superior strength and wear life

Green & Dry Screening

-WSM’s complete line of screening equipment helps reduce maintenance and operating costs by screening soils/dirt and already sized product prior to shredding and milling

-Further maximize product value with finish screening for precise classification to ensure premium quality finished product. System configuration can include WSM Disc Screens, Vibrating Screens, Oscillating Screens, and Trommel Screens

What Sets WSM Apart

  • High-Capacity Production – The largest shredders available producing the largest volumes of material
  • Uniform Particle Size – Consistency is key in pellet production 
  • Superior Componentry – Mill-duty design and construction provide reliable long term 24/7 production 
  • Individual Components and Complete Milling Islands – WSM can help with integration into existing facilities or greenfield projects
  • Customized to Your Facility – Full line of equipment ensures you get the right machine for the job
  • Decades of Industry Experience – Experienced application experts and engineers make sure you get a customized solution
  • Pre-Screening Available – Lower maintenance costs and increase production by pre-screening “to size” material
  • Finish Screening to Maximize Product Value –Finish screening for precise classification to ensure premium quality finished product
  • Field Proven Performance – Decades of supplying components and systems delivering outstanding results in some of the most demanding applications in the world

Your End Product Is Our Starting Point

WSM’s approach to product development and testing always starts with your end product in mind. The finished product that meets our customers needs, combined with the best machine or process solution to convert incoming feedstock into the finished product, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How do we get there? By using the unbeatable combination of field and application experience, in-house testing, and innovative design staff – learning fast and applying what we learn – to correctly design, size, and improve our machines and systems to ensure successful installations.

Doesn’t everybody do it that way?

Everything we build is manufactured to WSM’s exacting specifications by skilled craftsmen – machinists and fabricators – who take pride in building big, quality machines using advanced CNC manufacturing tools for precision products.

A heritage of manufacturing excellence that WSM is known for around the world.

See Our Machines In Action

Discover the WSM Difference

With some of the industry’s highest processing volumes, West Salem’s line of shredding, milling, and screening machines offer the perfect solution for streamlining your production process and lowering operational costs.

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Whether you are in the Pellet, Biomass, Recycling, Green Waste, Food Waste, Biofuels or other processing industry, West Salem provides the type of innovation our customers thrive on.



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