WSM’s Recent Shipments:

These recent shipments include industrial screens and grinders, severe duty disc screens, and high torque grinders for sawmills, feedstock, and trim processing. See below:

4048 GRI-HP Horizontal Grinder for Hardwood Trim

This 4048 GRI-HP Horizontal Grinder is configured for hardwood waste and trim with a 300 HP direct drive and designed to process material to a 1.5” minus. 

4260 Vertical Feed Grinder & Vibrating Screen

This 4260 Vertical Feed grinder with vibrating screen discharge is headed to a new facility. It’s configured with swing hammers and is designed to process 35 metric green tons of chips per hour to a 3/8″ minus.

4848 Vertical Feed Grinder with 48-8 Disc Screen

This 4848 Vertical Grinder with swing hammers is ready to process southern yellow pine bark for boiler fuel. With the 48-8 disc screen located before the grinder to screen out “fines” the grinder is sized to process 50 tons per hour to a 3″ minus.


WSM’s approach to product development and testing always starts with an end product in mind. Helping customers produce the finished product they need in an efficient and cost-effective manner – it’s what we do. 

To find a solution to or your processing requirements, contact West Salem Machinery to discover what our line of innovative machinery can do for your business.

To stay up to date on all our recent shipments, be sure to find and connect with us on social media.

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