September 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / September 29, 2022

Biomass Feedstock & Fiber Processing  Produce high quality biomass fuel and other valuable finished fiber products from varied feedstock. Reduce labor, maintenance, and operating costs with biomass feedstock preparation systems…

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August 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / August 17, 2022

Diesel Costs Hurting Your Bottom Line?  It’s time to make the switch! Watch your energy costs go down and improve your profit. Replace expensive diesel fuel with cleaner, more consistently…

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July 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / July 21, 2022

Bale Breakers & Fluffers, and Coir Breakers Increase recovery and reduce handling with WSM’s Peat Moss Bale Breaker the effectively deconstructs baled material. Deconstruct and process compressed coir blocks by…

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June 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / June 28, 2022

Making Mulch with Feed Mill Grinders Primary Grinding, Finish Grinding, Thickness Screening, Fines Screening, and Integrated Systems. If you’re looking for a better way to produce high volumes of mulch,…

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May 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / May 31, 2022

Shredding Stringy Bark Stringy bark is fibrous and difficult to process. To help a mill in Indonesia effectively shred Eucalyptus bark, WSM developed a new, heavy-duty hybrid assembly for their…

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April 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / April 20, 2022

Recycling Solutions with our Waste Wood Grinder Recover and recycle C&D waste, urban wood, and organics like food waste and green waste with stationary electric Recycling Solutions from WSM’s waste…

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March 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / March 16, 2022

Fiber Prep for Biofuels, Pellets, & Wood Energy Achieve high volume fiber preparation for biofuels, pellets, and wood energy with WSM’s Super Shredder Grinder. Bigger. stronger, and. faster to process…

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February 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / February 17, 2022

Leading in Bark Screening Technology Superior Screening Solutions – Find the best bark screening solution for your facility with our whole family of screening technology including Vibrating Screens, Oscillating Screens,…

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January 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / January 17, 2022
west salem custom machinery

High Capacity Green & Dry Milling Systems Convert biomass materials into consistent fiber size and geometry for high volume pelleting. WSM’s mill duty green milling Super Shredders and dry milling Hammermills…

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December 2021 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / December 15, 2021

WSM’s Mid-Speed Shredder – Best of Both Worlds For those applications where a high-speed shredder is too much and a low speed shredder isn’t enough, WSM has developed the Mid-Speed Shredder.…

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