March 2022 WSM Newsletter

Fiber Prep for Biofuels, Pellets, & Wood Energy

Achieve high volume fiber preparation for biofuels, pellets, and wood energy with WSM’s Super Shredder Grinder. Bigger. stronger, and. faster to process the highest volumes of material while producing the uniform product required.

Maximizing Your Investment

Our field service team is available to train you and your machine operators on preventative maintenance best practices, creating comprehensive maintenance plans, and the operating techniques to get the most out of your investment.

Celebrating our 75th Anniversary! 

Founded in 1947, we quickly built a reputation for supplying rugged and reliable machinery to sawmills in the Pacific Northwest and became a leader in field-proven grinding, screening and processing equipment around the world. Like our durable equipment, we are proud our company is truly BUILT TO LAST.

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