May 2022 WSM Newsletter

Shredding Stringy Bark

Stringy bark is fibrous and difficult to process. To help a mill in Indonesia effectively shred Eucalyptus bark, WSM developed a new, heavy-duty hybrid assembly for their hammermill shredder. The result has increased production, increased bulk density, and lowered “cost per ton.”

compost shredder grinder

Maintaining Your Grinder

Maintaining your grinder helps ensure optimal ground product and maximum operating life of your machine. Learn about bearing lubrication; hammer, hammer tip, breaker bar, liner, and screen rotation and replacement. Learn how different sizes and styles of sizing screens produce different products.

Recent Shipments

Green milling Super Shredder with 300 HP motor to process Eastern Pine pulp chips. A Super Shredder with combined 800 HP to shred SYP pulp chips. 30′ long, 60″ wide Vibrating Screen. Vertical Grinder to process hardwood trim ends at a large cabinet manufacturer.

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