Zero Wood Waste: Revolutionizing Sustainability with the Horizontal Grinder

By West Salem Machinery / June 22, 2023

In our quest for a greener and more sustainable future, finding innovative ways to reduce waste is vital. An area where significant progress can be made is in the management…

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Next Generation Biomass

By West Salem Machinery / May 23, 2023

“Biomass” has many definitions.  At West Salem Machinery, we think of biomass in three broad categories: woody biomass, agricultural waste, and food waste. See our previous post on food waste…

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April 2023 Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / April 18, 2023

FOOD WASTE PREVENTION It’s Food Waste Prevention Week… West Salem Machinery supports its customers as they develop sustainable methods to reduce waste with high quality machines for screening, grinding, and…

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How WSM does Food Waste Prevention

By West Salem Machinery / April 11, 2023

Reducing Food Waste Food waste prevention is a crucial step towards building a sustainable future. The amount of food waste generated globally is staggering, with one-third of all food produced…

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March 2023 Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / March 17, 2023

ALL ABOUT SHAVINGS DENSIFICATION West Salem Machinery continuously provides innovative ways to densify wood shavings. We are pleased to offer two product lines for shavings densification – WSM 44 Series…

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February 2023 Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / February 15, 2023

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Reliable Vertical Grinders & Optional Features WSM’s rugged, productive, and easy to maintain Vertical Grinders help turn waste to profit. These Grinders deliver the flexibility to meet wide ranging…

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WSM Newsletter – January 2023

By West Salem Machinery / January 18, 2023

CASE STUDY Case Study: Varn Wood Products Get our Case Study of Varn Wood Products and learn how replacing their old unit with the WSM Super Shredder has increased uptime…

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December 2022 West Salem Machinery Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / December 27, 2022

PRODUCT SHOWCASE The Best Machine for the End Product You Need Helping our customers convert incoming feedstock into the finished product they need. Providing the best machine or processing solution.…

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November 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / November 28, 2022

PRODUCT SHOWCASE Green Waste & Organics (Food) Recycling PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Full Line of Grinders and Screens THE LATEST FROM WSM Our First 75 Years

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October 2022 WSM Newsletter

By West Salem Machinery / October 15, 2022

Urban Wood Recycling Recycle urban wood into useable, marketable fiber including biomass feedstock, landscape mulch, and compost. See how WSM helped one recycler greatly reduce operating costs, costly downtime, and…

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