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Disc Screens

With WSM’s high-volume chip screening and optional single-pass chip resizer, achieve superior productivity and quality while gaining space-saving efficiency in one seamless solution. WSM Disc Screens can be configured with our unique waterfall arrangement to help agitate and turn material, further increasing screening efficiency.

Typical Applications

  • Screening hog/boiler fuel at high volumes for biomass power plants to separate acceptable fuel size while directing screen “overs” to wood grinder/hog (see WSM Vertical Feed Grinder).
  • Chip screening in pulp and paper mills for proper sizing of wood chips and removal of over-sized chips, with “overs” sent to chip re-sizer (see WSM Chip Re-Sizer).
  • Gross overs removal from truck dumps to eliminate large contaminants from material flow and prevent down stream plug-ups.
  • Fines screening to remove sawdust and shavings from wood chunks.
  • Multi-stage screening to provide two separation points including “fines”, “accepts”, and “overs”.


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Oscillating screens

WSM flat oscillating screens provide efficient and effective classification of a variety of wood materials.

From high volume chip screening to precise classification of particleboard furnish, to bark screening for mulch - these screens offer proven performance and reliable, low maintenance operation in demanding environments.

Vibrating Screens

WSM offers a full line of severe duty, natural frequency vibrating conveyors and screens for multiple applications, from simple transfer conveyors, to high capacity screening, to material distribution, and grinder infeed conveyors.

Pan sizes range from 12”- 72” wide and lengths up to 150 feet. 

Titan Trommel

Built using proprietary WSM design and fabrication innovations, the Titan Trommel offers screening volumes unparalleled in the industry. Each Titan Trommel is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of individual customers for the most demanding applications. 

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