December 2021 WSM Newsletter

WSM’s Mid-Speed Shredder – Best of Both Worlds

For those applications where a high-speed shredder is too much and a low speed shredder isn’t enough, WSM has developed the Mid-Speed Shredder. This mill-duty shredder provides the shredding power of a larger high-speed unit with greatly reduced fines, noise, vibration, and power consumption.

The Bark, Mulch & Soil Processing Specialists

Low cost, low maintenance, high volume mulch production with WSM’s Titan Horizontal and Vertical Grinders. Maximize fiber value with our Mulch Thickness Screens. Increase peat moss recovery with our Bale Breakers and Peat Fluffers. Deconstruct compressed Coir Blocks into flowable material that is ready to use in your process. How can we help improve your operation?

WSM’s Newly Redesigned Super Screener

This next generation of oscillating screens is specifically designed and manufactured for reduced maintenance, longer operating life, and increased. The redesigned Super Screener provides longer machine life, reduced maintenance, increased durability, dependable performance, and increased production. What do you need to screen?

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