Next Generation Biomass

By Matt Lyman / March 18, 2024

“Biomass” has many definitions.  At West Salem Machinery, we think of biomass in three broad categories: woody biomass, agricultural waste, and food waste. See our previous post on food waste…

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How WSM does Food Waste Prevention

By Matt Lyman / April 11, 2023

Reducing Food Waste Food waste prevention is a crucial step towards building a sustainable future. The amount of food waste generated globally is staggering, with one-third of all food produced…

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WSM’s Recent Shipments December 2020

By Matt Lyman / December 7, 2020
Wood Waste Custom Grinder

Suspended design Oscillating Screen heading to the NW USA. The 8’ x 14’ screen deck has two levels of screens to provide three products. This heavy-duty unit includes top covers…

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WSM’s Recent Shipments September 2020

By Matt Lyman / September 24, 2020
Wood Waste Custom Grinder

Trommel on its way to the NE to screen bakery waste product for compost. Included full top cover with cleaning brushes and support structure. Large Horizontal Hog/Grinder heading to large…

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WSM’S Recent Shipments March 2020

By Matt Lyman / March 26, 2020
West Salem Custom Super Shredders

Horizontal Grinder heading to a large composite board manufacturer in the SE region of America. This is a direct replacement for a WSM Grinder originally sold to the mill in…

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WSM’S Recent Shipments 2019

By Matt Lyman / December 16, 2019
West Salem Custom Super Shredders

Chain Metering Bin, Green Milling Super Shredder, Vibrating Screen and Dry Milling Hammermill shipping to a large Australian pellet and densified fuel producer. Large Waterfall Disc Screen to a large mulch and soil producer in the…

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The 2019 Trade Show Season

By Matt Lyman / August 19, 2019
West Salem Custom Super Shredders

One thing that every industry and company has in common is attending trade shows. What is unique and fantastic about West Salem Machinery is the variety of industry shows that…

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