The 2019 Trade Show Season

One thing that every industry and company has in common is attending trade shows. What is unique and fantastic about West Salem Machinery is the variety of industry shows that we participate in every year, as both attendees and exhibitors.

We Started Off Talking Organics…

This year started off for WSM talking with other industry experts about organics and biofuels, the evolution of the process, equipment, and even the caloric value of compost at the USCC Conference and Tradeshow in Phoenix. As WSM representatives we have to be aware of the ever changing legislation, markets, and options that have a direct impact on our customers. One of our greatest assets is our customers, especially in this market and in a state like California where the demands, feedstocks, and end product needs are constantly scrutinized and evolving. It has been a rewarding experience for us to partner with our customers on innovative ways that our equipment can be used to improve processes, adapted for optimum results, be easily maintained in this environment, and how the machines can continue to perform to meet their growing needs.

Most conversations at this show were based on high capacity outputs with a marketable finished product. We have lines that can screen and process from 2 TPH up to 100 TPH of organic material that is offset from landfills, farms, land clearing operations, and even bio-solids. With our customers needing multiple screening sections, high output, and a trusted machine, our Titan Trommel was the main focus of the show. Our conversations were with anyone from a local composter to Fortune 500 companies looking to increase their involvement in the composting market.

Then Wood Hogs / Grinders and Screens!

Our next shows concentrated on our bread and butter; Wood Hogs / Grinders and Screens! Between Waste Expo, the International Biomass Conference, and Forest Products Machinery Expo we focused on processing all types of wood. From urban wood and construction debris to pallet processing at Waste Expo with the focus on diverting, reusing, or repurposing material away from waste streams and into revenue for businesses. WSM has decades of experience helping businesses turn waste into revenue with machines that are simple, stout, and offer reliable long-term operation.

Hogs / Grinders used to process biomass in countries around the world

Our Hogs / Grinders and Screens have been used to process biomass in countries around the world and with our booth showing a constant stream of videos processing acacia, eucalyptus, bamboo, and land clearing debris, most of our customers at the International Biomass Conference and Forest Products Expo wanted to know capacities and how to come up with a consistent processed product.  We answer questions regarding full systems, just the grinder portion of a system, or retrofitting an existing installation with an upgraded / improved grinder. Since our machines are built to last, most of our existing customers want to know how to incorporate upgrades and new technology, or request a site visit. We love site visits! Getting out to our customer’s sites, seeing how they are working with our gear, and it’s always great to see big machines running and working in the field! It is always impressive seeing one of our Horizontal Titan machines grinding full logs, stumps, and large debris.

 As we wrap up the season, we want to say thank you to all of our customers – from worm farmers to independent pallet manufacturers to international corporations – for a great year, keeping us on our toes, and your continued partnership with West Salem Machinery.

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