June 2021 1st WSM Newsletter

Introducing WSM’s Newly Redesigned Super Screener

WSM’s Super Screener is specifically designed and manufactured for reduced maintenance, longer operating life, and increased production.

  • Redesigned basket is 15% lighter – less mass means less fatigue, and longer machine life
  • Increased durability thanks to oversize hanger
  • Reduced maintenance time with relocated drive unit
  • Stainless lined pan bottom eliminates sticking of wet material
  • Extra steep pan bottom moves material up to 4 times faster!

Automated High Volume Bale Processing Systems

Learn how WSM’s system delivers process ready feedstock for large scale bio-fuel, bio-refining, bio-power, and animal feed operations. Read how the five modules can be integrated for fit plant requirements.

  • Bulk Bale Receiving, Singulating, and Inspection/Rejection
  • Automatic Bale Destringer
  • Bale Chopper for primary size reduction
  • Screening and Cleaning for dirt removal
  • Shredding and Milling for final fiber preparation

Grinder Maintenance FAQs – Sizing Screens

Learn more about the different types of screens available for grinders, hogs, and shredders. They each have unique advantages. Based on the material being processes and required end product, we can mix types and sizes to produce the fiber needed. Do you have the best combination for your facility?

We’ll be at Waste Expo in Las Vegas – Will You?

If you are attending Waste Expo (or any of the co-located events) in Las Vegas this month, come by and say hi. We’ll be located in the Organics Pavillion – Booth 1350. Patrick and Kirk are looking forward to meeting you and learning about your facility. We hope to see you there!



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