Benefits of Routine Equipment Maintenance

At West Salem Machinery, we know customers rely on our quality machines, from our rugged hammermills to our heavy-duty super shredders. But even the best machines need maintenance and attention. In fact, there are many advantages to regularly inspecting and maintaining your industrial equipment. The following are some of the top benefits of preventative maintenance and how WSM can help.

Early detection

One of the best ways to keep problems with your equipment from happening in the first place is through early detection. By addressing of the normal wear and tear issues with your machine, you can avoid bigger ones in the future. Plus, routine maintenance and inspections are usually less time-consuming and less expensive than large repairs or equipment replacement.

Prevent downtime

Don’t wait for your equipment to break down. Instead, take care of any problems or repairs ahead of time by scheduling routine maintenance appointments with one of our experienced field service techs. Not only are they factory-trained, but they also know what service parts need replacing before a possible failure can even occur. This reduces downtime, saving you time and money.

Increase lifespan

On a typical visit, our field service tech will conduct a complete examination of your equipment as well as explain its general maintenance requirements, best practices, and key safety features. They will also help you prepare a comprehensive maintenance plan. When your machine is serviced on a regular basis, it will remain in peak working condition for years to come.  

Let WSM help

Our field service technicians are part of our experienced parts and service team, which is ready to assist you with replacement requests for past and current builds. We know that our customers have made a significant investment in our machines, and we want to ensure that they get the maximum productivity and operating life.

Our parts and service team members are focused only on parts and service – they have no responsibility for new equipment sales. Whether you need a service manual, replacement parts, or need help troubleshooting an issue, our team is ready to help.

If you’re ready to schedule an inspection, or just need some general help from our parts and service department, contact us today.  

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