Put WSM’s Testing Facility to Work for You

At WSM’s size reduction and screening test facility in Salem, Oregon, customers and prospective customers can have feedstock tested. The testing and refining of processes (and sometimes equipment) often result in improving the customers’ operations or help them to make informed, confident machine purchases. 

We can Simulate Various Size Production Settings and Volumes

Whether your business involves green or dry wood fiber preparation, biomass fuel preparation, fiber prep (for pellets, briquettes, or co-firing), converting ag-residuals for bio-fuels, mulch processing, animal bedding, or other fine-grind materials – WSM’s lab can simulate various size production settings and volumes, as well as provide detailed screen analysis. Depending on the amount of detail required, WSM can supply complete reporting, including sieve analysis and energy usage.

The Facility is Equipped With Many Different Machines

The test facility is equipped with a horizontal grinder, primary shredder, high-speed hammermill, full air discharge capabilities, disc screen, oscillating screen, and screening equipment for sieve analysis. One of its key features is a Variable Frequency Drive system, allowing machines to be run at different speeds to simulate different operating conditions.

We invite those interested to come see the testing in person and tour our plant, or we can film the test. Either way, you’ll get WSM’s expert analysis and recommendations on the type and size of equipment that will get the results you need. With the most complete line of mill-duty grinding and screening equipment on the market and the most experienced team in the business, you can be certain you’re making the right choice for your business.  Contact us to learn more.

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