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WSM Super Shredder: The Ultimate Shredding Machine

The unique hybrid Super Shredder combines efficiency and durability

The Super Shredder sets the standard in high volume milling applications with it's  massive 48” dia. rotor, with lengths up to 88”.

WSM's Revolutionary Super Shredders:

  • Eliminate the Need for Multiple Size Reduction Machines. WSM's Super Shredder is a single shredding/milling machine for the highest volume applications.
  • Unique Hybrid Machine combines the efficiency of a high speed mill with the durability of a heavy duty grinder/mill.
  • Process High Volumes of pre-processed material to a consistently sized fiber for pellet production, biomass power, co-firing, mulch/bedding, and numerous other value-added products,
  • Reduce Maintenance and Operating Costs with dual pivoting hydraulic housing for easy internal access.

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A Complete Solution

The Super Shredder is ideal for the demands of Green Milling and Dry Milling Systems. Wood Fiber and Baled Fiber Processing systems rely on WSM machines life the Super Shredder for consistent output.

WSM combines grinding and milling machineries like the Super Shredder with our wide array of infeed and outflow machinery to form complete high capacity milling islands and complete processing systems.

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