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From Raw Feedstock to Finished Fiber

Reliably convert diverse feedstock into finished fiber for biomass power, pellets, and densified fuel

    • Feedstock Sourcing Challenges - Competition for feedstock increases as the demand for renewable and sustainable energy sources continues to grow.
    • Processing Flexibility - The flexibility to reliably process varying feedstock including woody biomass, sawmill residuals, wood chips, used wood, and forest residuals benefits the bottom-line.
    • Proven Processing - WSM's complete line of rugged and reliable grinding, screening, and processing systems perform 24/7 in the most demanding environments.
    • Industry Experience - Put WSM's decades of experience and field proven, mill-duty equipment to work for you to help maximize fiber value.
    • WSM's Approach - Our ability to provide individual components or complete processing systems means you get the best solution for your operation.

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convert feedstock into finished fiber.

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