green waste recycling


Green waste recycling


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Industry Specific information

Organic Materials

Organic Materials Processed include mixed waste with organics, tree trimmings, wood waste, and green yard waste including grass, limbs, and leaves can come from residential recycling carts as well as self-haul, while food waste typically comes from donation and recovery.

Many conversion systems require a bulking agent/carbon source (BA/CS) to be added to recovered food. Material like kiln-dried wood, shredded cardboard, and green waste can be processed for use as BA/CS. If you're looking for a way to improve the processing of your organics material, check out WSM's Organics Components and Complete Processing Systems.

Equipment Used

Field proven in high capacity wood waste, organics, and green waste processing, WSM can supply individual components or fully integrated systems. 

WSM's revolutionary Organics Processing System allows you to load the Chain Metering Bin and let it do the work. The metered feed to the Infeed Conveyor gives the Titan Trommel a consistent flow of material for maximum screening efficiency and production. The massive Titan Trommel means you have one trommel to feed, rather than two - shortening loader cycle time, increasing production, and lowering operating costs. 

WSM Titan Vertical and Horizontal Grinders deliver superior processing performance while minimizing horsepower and maintenance requirements.

Industry Challenges

Mandatory recycling of organic waste is the next step in many states' goals for recycling and the reduction of landfill material. Prior to 2014, California disposed of approximately 30 million tons of waste in landfills each year, more than 30% of this could have been used for compost or mulch. Organic waste such as green materials and food materials are recyclable through composting, mulching, and anaerobic digestion which can produce renewable energy and fuel. Reducing the number of organic materials sent to landfills and increasing the production of compost and mulch are part of state and local plans, as well as a large number of private companies.

Green waste can be separated from regular trash to be composted, recycled, or reused for other beneficial purposes. It serves as a fertilizer and soil amendment after undergoing the decomposition process at composting facilities or through anaerobic digestion. Landfills might use it as an alternative daily cover to reduce the usage of virgin soil cover materials. Processed with wood chips and green waste mulch, it can be used for landscaping, dust control, erosion prevention, and weed suppression. It can be used in agricultural and farming applications. It can be converted into biofuel and/or other types of renewable energy.

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WSM Solution

WSM's Stationary Organics Processing Systems process high volumes of organics (food waste, green waste, and mixed waste with organics) and eliminate costly and maintenance-prone portable machines. A typical system starts with batch loading of waste into WSM's Chain Metering Bin with Loading Hopper which meters the material into the Severe-Duty Titan Trommel for large fraction separation.  WSM's massive Titan Vertical and Horizontal Feed Grinders feature heavy-duty infeed systems and load sensing controls for large fraction reduction. WSM's Light Fraction Separator removes plastics and high fractions. We can supply all conveyors, metal separation, support structures, maintenance platforms, walkways and stairs, and sorting/picking stations.

With WSM's focused approach you get more than just the machine - you get WSM's unique combination of continuous product innovation, application experience, technical and testing services. Optional system integration and project management deliver fully functioning systems with reduced operating and maintenance costs, improved up-time, and superior production

Discover the WSM Difference

Let us help you find the right machine for your application. Submit this form to our applications experts for fast, no obligation answers to your questions.

Discover the WSM Difference

WSM’s line of stationary organic processing systems easily enables you to mix tree trimmings, wood waste, and green yard waste with other organic materials so your business saves time and money.

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